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Centerline Products, LLC
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Centerline Products, LLC manufacturers model railroading's premier non-abrasive and non-derailing rail and wheel cleaning cars.

The patented "Limited Slip Roller" type of Rail Cleaner is a tested and proven concept in rail (and wheel) cleaning, and has been used by Centerline for over 20 years. It is not only remarkably effective, but it also has significant advantages over other products previously available for this purpose:
  • Limited Slip rolling action that "scrubs" the rails for rapid removal of deposits.
  • May be used "wet" for rapid rail and wheel cleaning.
  • May be used "dry" to clean the rails more slowly.
  • May be used continuously without harm to rails or wheels.
  • Highly Snag and De-rail Resistant because of rolling action.
  • Totally non-abrasive -- leaves no particles or other matter for secondary clean-up.
  • Will NOT damage delicate turn-outs.

See the new Product News page for announcements on upcoming improvements and product offerings!