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This is a complete kit with the cleaning car, trucks and couplers, brass roller and roller covers.

You will just need to supply the track cleaning fluid.

CNC machined brass body made in USA. MicroTrains trucks with Magnamatic couplers.


  • CNC machined, N-Gauge brass body.

    Includes rail-cleaner with trucks attached, brass roller,

    roller covers and elastic bands.


    N-1 has Rapido trucks and Standard couplers.

    N-2 has MicroTrains Line Magnematic Trucks and Couplers. (Pictured)


    This body style DOES NOT meet NMRA specifications for clearances.

    If you require that specification, please purchase a D-10, D-11 or D-12 model.

    Hit your browser's back button to view other models.

  • Full refund or exchange within 14 days; minus any shipping charges. 

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